With Bank Credit, wake up with a light heart

The end of the year is a very hectic period. And your wallet pays the price in December and January. You can’t wait to see the holidays come but the traditional end-of-year expenses undermine the festivities? Rest assured. Thanks to the installment loan from Fine Bank Credit, you can wake up with peace of mind.

December, an expensive month?

December, an expensive month?

The end of the year coincides with many expenses. Saint Nicholas, Christmas, New Year… as many occasions to party… as tradition has it: with treats and gifts. Are you dreaming of a pleasant time with friends or family, but you do not have the necessary budget? And what about your accounts in January? Do you want a change of scenery for the holidays? Whatever your end-of-year plans, fulfill your wishes with an installment loan.

Wake up with a light heart

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A personal loan will allow you to have a more comfortable budget, especially at the end of the year and from the beginning of January. With a fixed-rate loan, you will repay the same amount each month, so you don’t have to tighten your belt. And since the costs are staggered, your only stress will be choosing the gifts that will make the most pleasure or the ideal destination for the holidays.

What are the conditions for borrowing?

December is the perfect month to analyze your expenses. How to improve your budget? Call an advisor to answer this question. If you wish to take out a loan with Fine Bank Credit, you must meet certain conditions: you must be a natural person, be at least 22 years old and benefit from fixed income. Keep in mind the famous recommendation “Borrowing money also costs money!” “So make sure you can repay your loan. Keep track of what you can borrow and repay each month, so you have a reserve. Get advice from a specialist.


The best loan at Fine Bank Credit


You can borrow from a bank, but an independent broker or credit counselor is more suitable. He will compare the loans from different credit companies and look for the most suitable solution for you. Fine Bank Credit is a credit broker. We submit your request to our partners, give you a free and non-binding offer and offer you fully personalized support. We take into account the amount to borrow, the monthly payments and the interest rate.